title: "clearnet hosts - which to choose?"
date: 2021-09-14

hello, today we have an interesting subject to comment, talk about clearnets is very cool to comment.
well, all the clearnets that we will talk today are free.


let's start with the most famous clearnet, neocities has an ecosystem and giant users base, including the websites/blogs that i like to accompany are there.
neocities are above other clearnet hosts.
see this digdeeper phrase: "in terms of privacy or censorship, it is a black box"


tilde.institute is a member of tildeverse.org, it gives you access to a unix system running openbsd.
this lodging clearnet is quite interesting, since besides giving practically a vps for free.
tilde.institute offers several services for free, such as: cgit, email, webhosting and more.


also from tildeverse.org , tilde.pink is a tilde server of a different shade and runs on a netbsd, this hosting is really very interesting.
tilde.pink is an open tilde server, providing shell, email, and gopher/gemini accounts.